The Story Of Tucson Ac Repair Has Just Gone Viral!

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Before tightening the nut now check the deflection see it’s conservative less but that’s about the deflection that you want in this area and that should be good let’s start it up and see if our noise is still there okay I still need to put that splash shield back up underneath there and lower vehicle but I consider it done I don’t need to show you all that.

I showed you how it came apart this one I think was damaged due to something I mean that that little slot that was cut into that lower splash shield let me to believe that it was damaged in some way that the danger is is that maybe the compressor shaft Tucson ac repair togs got bent or something like that that could spell more trouble but for now there doesn’t seem to be any noise or issues so I’m just gonna leave sleeping dogs lie move on with my life should you have a compressor clutch.

Failure same operation so you got to see the double whammy but most of the time when you’ve got a noise like this and it’s the AC and it’s either on one of these . TS or on the aura legends the older aura legends also had issues like this going all the way back to like the first ones like is or something like that that’s that’s where you’ll find this so if you’re in that position I would go for that pensioner first before I did anything else and you should that should solve the problem for you and also remember.

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