Common Misconceptions About New Ac Unit Tucson

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Back again with another repair Tucson ac repair video for you behind me production date of of which I believe makes it a Cur that has a noise while the engine is running and the AC is on we’ll get into the diagnosis and repair of that in this video and just a little bit of trivia for you how can you tell a of this vintage from a of this vintage without looking at the badge quite simply all you gotta.

Do is look at the wheels the . has the cylinder engine and four lugs on each of the wheel the has lugs on each of the wheels just a little bit of accurate trivia for you if you are interested I think one of the first things we’ll do is we’ll get underneath this hood and I’ll see if I can get this noise to manifest for you so that you can hear it for yourself.

Or if you have a similar noise this video could really help you out I think this video help you out just in general because my videos are fun to watch I like watching them you’re watching them of course you could stop watching it now but don’t don’t there’s more to come you can sort of hear the noise I will get the camera down in there so you can hear it for yourself.

sounds like it’s coming from this area see on and off so you can hear how the noise change now the fact that the noise changes when we turn yes sir you see that green stuff there the radio without what I believe the noise is coming from is the there’s a pulley right here many many many many many times I find it to be a problem with this either fully right here so why don’t we start by getting that idler pulley off there and seeing if we can feel it if that’s where our noise is coming from okay.

To remove this pulley right here is fairly simple there is a millimeter nut on the front that you can’t quite see it’s underneath this belt that you can loosen I think it’s shorter ratchet it’ll work better I’m gonna.

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