Why You Should Not Go To Tucson Air Conditioning.

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I didn’t have to buy another unit Tucson air conditioning okay so everything is done wrapped and you know strapped into place I had to cut that because I just did not want to extend it and have for braises in the wall this way I only have two so I normally do not do disclaimers in my videos because honestly I really don’t care if you buy stuff and you put it in and you know it’s your choice if you want to buy your.

stuff put it in yourself you know that’s fine you do what you want to but the problem with you doing it yourself without the training and the experience it’s stuff that happened to this line set if you’re going to buy something my best advice to you if you’re going to buy it because you don’t want to pay our markup fine buy it have a license guy our experienced guy put it in for it just now it has cost him more money and when the guy that did put this in put it in so he didn’t do it right these lines.

Going all the way out are supposed to be wrapped individually see how he to a wrap right here individually both the saturated vapor line and the liquid line are supposed to be wrapped individually and not run together in the same armor flex so you know that’s just another experience deal so that’s my disclaimer you want to buy it buy it but please have an experienced guy license guy put.

It in for you it’s going to cost you but it will be installed correctly that finishes the job off just right hey everybody before I close the video I would like to send out a congratulations to Ralph and Daniel from our D refrigeration and air conditioning there I think there are little southwest of San Antonio but they just won the best partner award through John stone and um you know I just want to say fine job you.

As you saw from the intro of the video that’s where it’s leaking that right there so what I’m going to do is I’m going to cut it I’m going to cut it and I’m going to switch it break it up and put everything back together start getting a vacuum pull on it and we will call this one done but let’s go upstairs and check out the air hammer that situation up there all right there it is up there in all it was glory and what they did is a little box right there on the floor they built that little box to cover up the lines set up there runs across and then down so.

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